Loosey Movie Teaser

Synopsis (About The Film)

Loosey is a dramatic thriller Feature Film about the underground tobacco trade in New York City based on the untaxed counterfeit multi million dollar a year illegal trade of cigarettes, this character driven story focuses on the rise and fall of one the most sought after bosses of the trade, Jay King. Jay is a young man in his early 30’s who partnered up with two individuals and pushed the boundaries when it came to the illegal trade of cigarettes. Betrayed by his partner in an attempt to remove him from the business, Jay gets setup, arrested and forced into a position of figuring out what went wrong, Jay has one day to make everything right, and find a way to come out of the business for good.  Through a maze of back-stabbing friends, a corrupt detective, and a local gang looking to score no matter the cost, Jay puts together a plan to expose his enemies and turn the game against them all in this thrilling drama called Loosey.